Hourly wages, salary caps, annual reviews… your life is worth more than a standard corporate income chart. True compensation goes beyond “money for time” ratios and allows you the flexibility to live life on your terms. Control your own life while helping others - that’s what your own LegalShield business offers.
LegalShield has been protecting people for over 40 years, but this is no door-to-door, old school business. Smart technology gets you up and running fast, complete with personalized websites and a smart suite of apps that makes sharing info and resources with people incredibly easy. It even handles the follow up for you – automatically!
Life is better when what you do aligns with your ideals. LegalShield improves lives by making legal protection more affordable. Contracts, speeding tickets, landlord/tenant issues… many people are financially unable to hire a lawyer. LegalShield’s low monthly fee puts a law firm on their side when they need it – from small issues to the traumatic.